Patagonian Gen 1


Fireborn Knives Patagonian Generation 1 is the first in the Patagonian series. Gen 1 features a larger belly on the blade edge for easier dicing.

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The dynamics of the Gen 1 Patagonian collection give the blade a curvature at the belly. This makes the knife simple and smooth when fine dicing veggies on your wooden cutting board at home, or if you’re fighting the time in a professional kitchen. Gen 1 gives you the traditional old school kitchen knife feel that you’re used to. The sharpness of the blade cannot be compared to your typical kitchen knife. Gen 1 is efficient and sleek, definitely something that won’t be tucked away in your drawer.

The Patagonian Utility Chef’s knife is the premiere knife line in the Fireborn collection.  The utility knife is the go to knife in the kitchen.  Versatile enough to handle light chef knife duties, yet nimble enough to make precise cuts where they matter.  Each handle is imported directly from Argentina and the mountains of Patagonia.  Every piece is unique and each wood can be chosen by the client as available.  The blade is made from the incredible  26c3 high carbon steel, which is capable of holding an edge sharper than a razor blade for much longer than most knives.


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